It’s not often I do people favours – frankly, it’s not in my nature – but on the basis that this one didn’t involve me having to leave the house or do any heavy lifting, I thought I’d give it a go.

This tale pertains to an old friend of my wife’s, who for legal reasons we’ll refer to here as “Helen”.

For reasons too long and complicated to go into here, Helen recently moved from Newcastle – home of culture, stottie cakes, and only around 5% horse punching – down to Teesside, the nation’s capital for chemical pollution and revenge based arson attacks (currently unproven).  It was something to do with work, I guess.  That’s the only rational explanation I could come up with.

Now, this friend of my missus – who you’ll remember is named Helen – is dimly aware of my low quality writing work, and the sweary Dad blog that I write. On account of this, she asked if I could pass on a recommendation to my many, many hundreds of readers.  Perhaps you’ll find some use in it?


Being a single mother, (which no longer carries the stigma that would’ve carried in, say, the 1950’s), AND a career woman, well… You can imagine that she had a lot on her plate, even before you factor in moving house.  Helen had to sort out a new school for her 6 year old and all sorts.  And arrange to have Sky shifted to a different house.

Thankfully, Middlesborough based moving company Richardson Removals – known on a Sunday as ‘Richardson Moving and Storage’ – appear to have been a big help from start to finish.

“They were excellent,” claims Helen.  “Really friendly, patient – considering all of the nonsense they had to put up with from me – and best of all, they were really careful and respectful with all of our stuff.  Every single one of my collectible porcelain pig figurines made it to ‘Boro in tact.”

Here’s what Richardson Removals have to say on that subject:

“It’s vitally important your belongings get to their destination in one piece and that is why we offer a range of packing options to make sure your items arrive undamaged. However large or small the item, we have a packing option that will cover and protect it.”

(Quote from the company website)


I believe that Helen’s work use Richardson quite a lot, and even paid for the removal.  Thanks to this, Helen was able to get the Full Service (TM) – that’s packing, transporting and unpacking.

She managed to move house, practically without lifting a finger.

“The only thing I paid for,” boasts Helen, “was to put a bunch of stuff into storage to sort out later.  Even that came at a very affordable price.”

The other reviews on their site certainly appear to validate this:

“Moved my 88-year-old mother from the house where she’d been for 52 years – service couldn’t have been better. The lads were kind, patient, good-humoured and understanding as well as scrupulous, efficient and hard-working. Packing was thorough, careful and all in all an excellent job. It took so much of the stress away from my mother and she was delighted. Highly recommended!”

(An actual real life example of customer feedback)


So there you go.  If you have to move house anywhere, any time soon, why not give Richardson Removals a whirl? Even if you’re not lucky enough to have an employer willing to pay for it, their prices are – I’m reliably informed – perfectly reasonable.  You can find out more by using the ‘Request a Quote‘ service on their site.

Tell ’em Dadzilla sent you!*

*(Don’t – They genuinely don’t know who I am, and mention of this website will in no way entitle you to a discount.)



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